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Biolage Keratindose – Up to 90% More Condition After Just One Application.

NEW ‘Biolage Advanced’ – Professional prescriptive formulas where nature and molecular science combine to address hair’s needs…  

Professional formulas from Matrix – the new Biolage ‘Advanced’ Keratindose. Nature and molecular science combined to address hairs most distinct needs.

Biolage Keratindose addresses chemically processed hair with targeted formulas giving an advanced dose of protein and moisture for hair full of life and movement.

Pro-Keratin fixes over processed hair by restoring degraded areas whilst silk adds moisture and softeners to the hair.

Undo one year hair damage in 15 minutes. Hair is ninety percent more conditioned after just one application of the Keratindose system.

Hair is preserved and thrives with movement and shine.

Indulge yourself with formulas that have no sulfates, no parabens and no harsh salts. Advanced care – new Biolage Advanced Keratindose.

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