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Biolage Colour Care Thérapie Haircare

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Biolage Colorcaretherapie, was replaced in 2015 with a similar, but improved hair care product range – Matrix Biolage Colorlast

Orchids have an extraordinary colour brilliance that never seems to fade. They maintain their full dimension of colour during their bloom life with built-in protection from flavonoids which serve as UV shields.

Taking inspiration from the orchid, Biolage has created the new Colorcarethérapie range of haircare products — professional low-pH formulas with Orchid and UV Complex to moisturise and protect the depth, tone and shine of colour-treated hair.

Hair Product Size Price
Color Care Shampoo 250ml £10.95
Color Care Shampoo 500ml £14.95
Color Care Conditioner 250ml £10.95
Color Bloom Masque 150ml £11.95
Color Care Shine Shake 125ml £14.95

Biolage Color Care Shampoo
• Low pH formula
• Gently cleanses as it nourishes
• Helps preserve lasting colour vibrancy
• Leaves hair petal-soft and shiny

Biolage Color Care Conditioner
• Low pH formula
• Moisturises to enhance colour vibrancy
• Leaves hair petal-soft and detangled
ORCHID (FLAVONOIDS): Orchids produce flavonoids, nature’s solution for preserving colour vibrancy. A symbol of beauty and longevity, orchids are exceptionally long-lasting, making them one of the most enduring flowers.
Biolage Color Bloom Masque
• Silkens without silicones, shines without buildup
• Low pH formula brightens and renews colour-treated hair
• Helps preserve colour vibrancy with a UV filter
• Nourishes hair while sealing the cuticle

Biolage Color Care Shine Shake
• Retains tone with a low pH formula to help seal the cuticle
• Maintains colour’s depth with UV Fade Filter
• Illuminates shine with porosity smoothers
• Provides all-day conditioning
• Perfect for all hair types that are colour-treated

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