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Matrix Biolage ‘Advanced’ Fiberstrong – 12x the Strength for Weak, Fragile Hair.

NEW ‘Biolage Advanced’: Professional prescriptive formulas where nature and molecular science combine to address hair’s needs…  

New to our Brighton hair salon is the ‘Biolage Advanced’ range of professional and retail products – Fiberstrong.

Biolage merges the power of nature with breakthrough molecular level science to bring stylist-prescribed formulas that treat specific levels of damage seen in weak and fragile hair.

A strengthening breakthrough, Fiberstrong strengthens hair, leaving it feeling 12x stronger after one use of the special system. It reinforces fragile hair with a system designed to strengthen your hairs strands. Formulas with Intra-Cylane™ and Bamboo extracts, add resiliency and condition your hairs cuticle.

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