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Matrix Hair Colours: Imagine All You Can Be

We’ve been using hair colour from ‘Matrix’ – the number one professional brand in the USA – for almost 20 years, and it always gives our hair stylists and clients amazing results.

Your hair is your best fashion accessory – you wear it everyday – and with professional salon hair colouring we’ll help you look fabulous everyday too  

The advanced Matrix colour technology ensures a consistent outcome so you get a salon perfect colour with fabulous condition and rich, radiant shine every visit.

Matrix offers an array of professional hair colouring options for us to choose from. Whether you crave a subtle colour boost or a complete transformation our hair stylists can create a custom shade especially for you. We offer a full-spectrum of colours to appeal to your tastes – from the colour shy to the fashion-forward.

Transform yourself with Salon Hair Colour

Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away grey, or you’re looking for a new-you with a modern, fashionable Ombré, Balayage or Dip-Dye style, our hair stylist’s expertise will get you the results you desire.

Having worked for so many years with the Matrix hair colour range, we know exactly what fantastic results can be achieved and our hairdressers will create the look you desire with a custom colour formulation following a full colour consultation and hair analysis.

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Your hair is your best fashion accessory — when it looks amazing, so do you.

Salon colour offers you versatility and customised options to deliver exactly the look you want.

Colouring your hair not only makes it shinier and more beautiful, it can even add condition.

Hair colour doesn’t need to be drastic — even a subtle colour enhancement can make a big difference to your look.

Using professional products in a salon environment means you get the latest techniques and most advanced colour science.

Your hair stylist undergoes regular training and has the skill and knowledge to create the right look for you.

Colour Correction specialists: Advanced colour training and many years experience allow us to take on the most advanced hair colouring tasks, to ensure you get the results you require.

Colour Correction Services:

Our experienced hairdressers in combination with the fantastic hair colour we use, will have no problem undertaking advanced colour-correction work if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a colour applied at home or somewhere else and it’s not gone quite to plan.

Colour-correction often means having to double-process hair. This means firstly removing the previous colour pigment from your hair, before secondly adding and correcting the colour back to how it should have been and giving you the result you originally wanted.

But the quality and conditioning ability of Matrix hair colours means that in most cases we can do this without noticeably affecting your hairs strength and shine.

For example the Matrix ‘Socolor’ permanent colours contain a ‘Cera-Oil Conditioning Complex’ that continuously conditions for up to 30 shampoos. A polymer penetrates the cortex of the hair attaching to damaged areas and reinforcing the hairs structure. A ceramide complex and cationic polymer equalise the porosity for an even surface, and then natural Jojoba Oil nourishes and polishes.

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