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Human Remy Hair Extensions and Balmain Hair+ are innovative methods of adding combinations of volume, colour, structure and length to your natural hair.

Why cope with daily hair problems such as fine ends, thinning hair, hair that won’t stay in style or won’t grow to the length you’d like, when beautiful healthy shiny hair with volume and length is now easily achievable.

The hair extensions we provide in our Brighton Salon, use the highest quality 100% human ‘remy’ hair. The extensions are connected with your natural hair by using a small and perfect keratin bond.

They will remain in place for up to 3 months and will not damage your own hair in any way – blending in and giving the most versatile and natural looking results.

 We use the best quality 100% Human ‘Remy’ Hair, or Balmain Hair+ which is guaranteed for 6 months.

 Our Extension Stylist, Jacqui, has over 18 years of experience working with Hair Extensions.

 Our most popular Hair Extension services in our Brighton Salon are now available from just £280 to £395.

 Most of our Hair Extension services also include Cutting & Styling and even a complimentary ‘Check Up’ after two weeks.

 Our Consultations are free, without any obligation, and we’re there to answer any questions on hair extensions that you might have.

 Here’s a link to a gallery of Balmain Hair Extensions styles and images.

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Hair Extensions - Prices

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Our Hair Extension prices (Half-Head or more), include all the initial cutting, blending and styling of your new hair extensions to match your natural hair. You also receive an optional Blow Dry two weeks later as a complimentary ‘check-up’.

Balmain Hair+ extensions (again Half-Head or more), additionally come with complimentary Balmain shampoo, conditioner and brush.

The hair extension prices shown below are for the most popular 18″ (45cm) length of hair. 20″ (50cm), is a 20% increase on the prices below. An extra-long 22″ (and in practice 22″ hair is very long!), is available in ‘human remy’ hair and costs approximately 45% more.

There are many other personalised options for length, styles, colours and even the application techniques we can use and these can all be talked through and explained at your consultation.

Human ‘Remy’ Hair

Whole Head Extensions (Extra Thick)   £495
Whole Head Extensions (Most Popular)   £395
Three-Quarter Head Extensions   £335
Half-Head Head Extensions   £250
Volume & Body   £195
Partial Work (Min. 20 Extensons)   £3 p/ext.

Balmain Extensions

Whole Head Extensions (~140)   £560
Three-Quarter Head Extensions   £480
Half-Head Head Extensions   £360
Volume & Body   £280
Partial Work (Min. 20 Extensons)   £4 p/ext.

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Hair Extensions - Frequently Asked Questions

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Hair Extensions can give you wonderful new length, volume and style. But every client that’s new to hair extensions will have questions they’d like us to answer for them.

Below are just a few of the most popular ones. However if your questions not answered here, please just contact us or book a free consultation and we’ll gladly give you any help and advice you need.

What type of hair extension hair do you use?

100% Human Hair Only. Balmain hair is of the very highest quality and Balmain are the only company happy to guarantee the quality of their hair for 6 months when you also use Balmain aftercare products.

Our alternative to Balmain hair, is also of the highest grade and known as Human Remy Hair’. Available in a huge range of colours, 100% human remy hair is long, luxurious and thick from the root to the tip.

We’ve been doing hair extensions in our Brighton salon for over 18 years, so know all the best sources for the finest quality of hair so can also provide you with high-end virgin Russian, European or Brazilian variations.

So what is ‘Human Remy Hair’?

Remy hair is considered to provide the best quality of human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped like in most other ‘cheaper’ hair extensions.

Preserving the hairs cuticles and aligning them in their natural direction creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

Can I re-use the hair in my hair extensions?

Yes. Both Balmain Hair and our Human Remy Hair, can be re-used once the seals naturally grow away from your hairs root. This lowers the cost of future reapplication as you won’t be paying for new hair.

If looked after correctly you should be able to re-use your hair up to three times – though most clients choose to reapply their hair extensions twice before replacing with new, fresh human remy hair.

How are your hair extensions applied?

Both Balmain Hair and our Human Remy Hair, use the same system of professional application. The strands of extension hair are applied using small and colour matched keratin seals or bonds.

This system is 100% safe, it provides a secure seal, and when you want the extensions reapplied or removed, they remove easily in-salon leaving no residue or damage.

For extra-long hair, or clients whose lifestyles might mean a stronger seal is required, our Human Remy hair can also be secured using silicone lined micro-rings – this virtually eliminates any lost extensions due to slippage or softened seals.

There are many other ways of applying extensions – weaved, tape, cold-fusion, micro-bead and more. With 18 years of experience we much prefer the results we get with the Balmain and Human Remy keratin seal methods. We have absolute confidence that this is the safest, most versatile and gives the most natural looking results.

How long do the hair extensions take to apply?

On average it takes around 4 hours for a full-head of human hair extensions, 2 to 3 hours for a half-head, and 1 to 2 hours for a partial extensions.

We’ll give you know a more accurate length of time at your consultation as it depends on the number of strands you’ll choose to have added, the length and remember we’ll also cut and style your hair extensions for you (and this is included in the price).

How long does my own hair have to be to have hair extensions?

The traditional answer is 4 or 5 inches and a little shorter towards the nape of the neck, but…

…unless your hair is very short all over, it will be worth popping in to see us for a consultation as often hair say 3 inches long on top can be blended successfully with your hair extension hair. But we can really only say for sure once we’ve seen you in our Brighton salon.

Will my new hair extensions look natural?

Absolutely. Balmain and Remy hair extensions are custom tailored to match your own hair perfectly. Once applied they’ll fall very naturally and blend with your own hair perfectly.

The extension colours are matched to your own colour or to create highlights just as you would with chemical colouring.

Then once the application is complete, the hair extensions are cut, styled and blended with your own hair. The finished result will leave no tell-tale signs of extensions and they will appear exactly as if they were your very own hair.

Even better, after a couple of washes they’ll ‘loosen up’ a little and look just perfect!

How long will my hair extensions last for?

10 to 12 weeks (up to 3 months), is the normal time before you’ll need to either have your hair extensions reapplied or removed.

If you’ve followed a good after care regime, your extension hair will still be in great condition, but as your natural hair grows the bonds gradually move away from the scalp and so after this length of time, these may begin to show.

At this point you can choose to have the hair extensions removed and reapplied on the same day, or just removed and take a break.

Do hair extensions cause any damage to my hair?

Professionally applied hair extensions should never cause any harm or damage to you natural hair. That is as long as they are applied by a qualified, trained and experienced Extension Stylist.

Hair extensions can be an easy target for bad press, but almost exclusively this is when applied by inexperienced ‘operators’ who sometimes aren’t even qualified as hairdressers.

Our own Extension Stylist, Jacqui, has 18 years of specialist experience in many types of hair extension techniques and you can trust her judgement implicitly.

Are hair extensions more difficult to look after?

Not really. Human hair extensions can be treated just like your natural hair. With a few small rules (see our AfterCare Advice).

You can wash and condition them as normal (no more than a couple of times a week though and remember our advice on shampoos, conditioners and avoiding your seals); you can style them as normal (straighteners, tongs etc. are fine – just follow the same recommendations for protective styling products as for your natural hair). You can swim, exercise, shower and do what you do, just as before – love your extensions and they’ll love you!!

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Hair Extensions - AfterCare

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Long beautiful hair is a sign of radiance, health and luxury. To maintain your human hair extensions in premium condition just follow these simple steps and your hair will remain radiant, healthy and beautiful.

Whether you have Balmain Hair+ or human ‘remy’ hair extensions, this after care advice will ensure you get the maximum longevity and value from your wonderful new hairstyle.


When brushing your hair it is always better to use a large soft bristle brush. Both HeadJog and Balmain have brushes available that we’d strongly recommend, as this will ensure the bristles don’t snag or catch your extensions or natural hair, as other types of brushes might. Using the recommended brush will leave the hair shiny and in optimum condition. We recommend that you begin brushing at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid length and finally brush the root area. At night time gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles and knots.


First brush your hair thoroughly, then soak with warm water, we would suggest that you do not turn the head upside down but always wash from the crown down. Next apply shampoo, we recommend using only clarifying, purifying or deep cleansing shampoos (never use shampoos containing oils or moisturisers, as this can cause the keratin bonds to soften). Distribute your normal amount of shampoo at the root area; gently massage in small circles over the scalp area, this will cleanse both the natural hair and your extensions. There is no requirement to scrub the mid-length or ends as these will be cleansed sufficiently during the rinsing process. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. When rinsing, pay particular attention to the bond area to ensure they’re thoroughly rinsed of shampoo.


All hair needs conditioning whether natural or extensions. We recommend you apply a conditioner or conditioning detangler every time you wash your hair. Apply the conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only – do not apply to scalp or bonds – gently massage, distributing the conditioner thoroughly. You can brush the mid-lengths and ends using a soft bristled brush or even better when wet, the ‘Tangle Teezer’ Brush. This will help ensure every hair is coated thoroughly with conditioner. You should leave the conditioning treatment on for about a minimum of 3 minutes. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Towel Drying

After rinsing, squeeze excess water from the hair, wrap a towel around the head and gently pat your towel to remove moisture from hair, avoid rubbing at scalp and hair. Next gently brush hair with soft bristle brush or similar, beginning at ends, moving to mid-length and then roots.

Blow Dry & Styling

You can leave the hair to dry naturally or blow-dry. If using a hairdryer we suggest that you use a low heat and a soft bristled brush to style. Once 80% or more dry, you may style using Carmen Rollers, Hot Sticks, Curling Tongs or Hair Straighteners and style your hair as normal.

NB. Do not use excessive heat on human hair extensions – try and keep hair straightener temperatures to below 200°c. Do not sleep with wet or damp hair, ensure if drying hair naturally that the hair is fully dry before going to bed. Sleeping with wet/damp hair may cause matting to extensions and natural hair.

Hot Hints:

 When you visit for a consultation or your hair extension appointment, we’ll advise you of the most suitable shampoos and conditioners to use for your hair type. Do not use shampoos or conditioners that contain oils or fruit acids, such as wheat germ or citrus – using shampoos that contain these ingredients could result in damage to your extension bonds and invalidates Balmain’s 6 month quality guarantee.

 When rinsing hair, rinse for a little while longer than you’d normally do, as the extra volume created by your hair extensions will mean it takes longer to rinse properly.

 We advise never to sleep with wet or damp hair as it could affect the bonds or may cause the hair to tangle whilst asleep.

 If you have an oily scalp wash hair regularly, as build-up of natural oils could leave your bonds slipping or falling out, or shedding of extension hair from the bond.

 You can use styling products just as you would do normally. But if using serums, use sparingly and only on the ends.

 Treat your extensions with the same respect as your natural hair. Good after-care and a regular maintenance programme with your extension stylist will keep your hair looking great for longer.

 If you regularly swim or are planning to holiday whilst wearing extensions we recommend that when swimming in the sea or swimming pool, you wear a protective bathing cap as the chemicals in the pool or salt levels in the sea may affect your extensions. We cannot guarantee the quality if adequate precautions are not taken.

 If you’re wanting to colour your own hair and extension hair, only use professionally applied colour at the salon.

If you need anything else answered or would like to organise a consultation with Jacqui, our Hair Extension Stylist who has over 18 years experience, just call on 01273 775322 or use our consultation booking form.

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Hair Extensions - Book a Consultation

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Use this form if you’d like to arrange a hair extension consultation at our salon in Brighton. Alternatively just call us direct on 01273 775322 to book a convenient time.

Jacqui, our experienced Extension Stylist, has specialised in hair extensions for over 18 years and has a wealth of knowledge so will happily answer any questions you have.

The consultations normally take around 15 minutes and are of course free. During the consultation we’ll make sure your hair’s 100% suitable and advise on the best type of hair extension for you. We’ll colour match your hair and chat about the style and length you want to achieve. You’ll be able to see and feel samples of the hair we use and as several of our Stylists have hair extensions themselves, you can see just how natural they’ll look.