Matrix Biolage Hair Care 2015

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The Secrets of Nature, Decoded by Science. Matrix Biolage has unlocked the secret code of nature, to extend the brand to the next level of haircare. Biolage introduces scientific innovations to design superior haircare to solve every hair problem.

Over millions of years, nature has found the most efficient way to flourish and overcome all types of tough conditions. Now science looks into nature to learn and take design advice for everyday concerns, asking how did nature solve it?

Biolage introduces it’s 2015 Core product ranges with scientific innovation to design superior haircare to solve every hair problem.  
Biolage Hydrasource: Like the moisture-rich Aloe Plant, hair can retain its hydration. Give hair up to 15X more moisture after just one application, when using the system of Hydrasource Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Tonic vs. a regular non-conditioning shampoo.

Biolage Colorlast: Like the Orchid resists fade out, hair colour defies time. Give hair ‘salon-vibrant’ colour for up to 9 weeks, when using the system of Colorlast shampoo and conditioner vs. a regular non-conditioning shampoo.

Biolage Scalp Sync: Inspired by the anti-bacterial and calming properties of the Mint Leaf, Biolage Scalp Sync cleanses excess oil from the scalp, weightlessly soothes to condition hair, and helps target dandruff.

Biolage Clean Reset Normalizing: Inspired by the Lemongrass plant, Clean Reset cleanses hair without stripping natural oils. Clarifies hair by removing buildup and impurities from all hair types. Paraben-free formula is also suitable for colour-treated hair. Removes chlorine and is a great shampoo for swimmers.

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