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Ombre, Dip Dye or Balayage - What's the difference?

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So What’s the Difference between Ombré, Balayage & Dip-Dye?

The biggest hair colouring trend we’ve seen in the last couple of years is definitely the Ombré, Dip-Dye or Balayage style of hair colouring.

But just what’s the difference between the three colouring techniques, as often the words get mixed-up and confused, and then the wrong description gets used for the style of colour a client might really be looking for.

So here’s our (rough) answer to the basic differences between the three hair colouring methods …

Ombré :

Ombré hair colouring is where your hair colour will fade from darker roots and gradually get lighter to the ends (or vice-versa). The ombré fade effect will normally be on half to two-thirds of the hair, and be in a fairly straight line across the hair. So depending on the darkness of the roots to the lightness of the blonde the subtleness (or not!) of the effect can be controlled.

Gather a few images together of the type of hair colouring ‘style’ you’re after – it’ll really help at the consultation 

Dip-Dye :

Dip-Dye hair colour is most popular for bright, bold and ‘crazy colours’, towards the tips of the hair. In a way it’s similar to Ombré but doesn’t affect as much of the hair (usually about a third of the length from the tips, as against up to two-thirds with Ombré). And as the name suggests, it creates a look as though hair has literally been dipped in paint!

Balayage :

Balayage is the trickiest one to describe and covers a greater range of techniques and styles than either Ombré or Dip-Dye. Balayage is a hair colouring effect that can create very natural, almost sun-kissed highlights without making the roots look obvious (and so with no clear regrowth). But balayage can also be chunky highlights at the tip blending to nothing at the mid-length and root. Balayage is the French word for ‘to sweep’, and the colour is applied in a sweeping motion often by freehand from roots to tip with little or none applied at the root area and a much stronger effect towards the ends.

Hair Styles: Ombré, Dip Dye & Balayage :

What We’d Recommend :

If you think this is the type of hair colour you’d like, first off gather together some pictures and images from the web. That way when you visit your hair stylist here in Brighton, you’re able to show them exactly the look you want and they can decide the best technique to use.

And to be honest you really don’t need to know whether it’s Ombre, Dip Dye or Balayage that you want – because with the images that you can show your hairdresser, it’ll be easy to see what’s needed to create the colour and style just perfect for you.

Need some ideas? Try ‘Pinterest’ for example – here’s a great page to get you going… Ombre, Dip Dye and Balayage Inspiration.

Price wise, see our hairdressing prices but Ombré and Balayage is priced similarly to a Full Head Foils plus Colour Toner service. Though sometimes it can be less depending on your current colour, so feel free to call us on 01273 775322 or pop in for a quick chat :)

Lastly, some of these Ombre, Balayage and Dip Dye styles can be created using hair extensions and Balmain now have a great range of Ombré Extensions using 100% human hair. Hair Extensions are obviously more expensive, but creating it this way you also get extra length, volume and a total new hair style in just a few hours.